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Discover Baby Halving, the dApp that offers various token earning opportunities! Stake, farm, and lend with ease, and enjoy seamless cash-in and cash-out options. Join us today!

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What is Baby Halving

  • NATIVE staking
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Leverage Farming
  • One-click Investment
  • Lending Protocols Aggregator

Why us

  • Earn Marketplace Built-in staking, lending, and DeFi protocol aggregators
  • Built on BSC Low rate 3% Buy/Sell | APY 160% Stake/Farm
  • Easy in and out Exceptional top-up and withdrawal experience
  • Self-custody Keep 100% control over your assets


  • q2 2024
    Phase 0.1
    • Pre-Sale launch
    • Community Building
    • MVP Launch: yield staking, on-ramp, off-ramp
    • Aidrop Phase 1
  • q3 2024
    Phase 0.2
    • Token Generation Event
    • Lending Aggregator
    • Airdrop Phase 2
  • q4 2024
    Phase 0.3
    • EasyFarming feature
    • One-click Investment feature
    • Farming pool aggregator
  • q1 2025
    Phase 0.4
    • Insurance Program
    • AI-Broker feature
    • Leverage Farming

Baby Halving token

The Baby Halving token generates multiple values for its users. Apart from the traditional staking benefits, the BabyHalving token gives its users bonuses for using the marketplace services and, in the same time, makes the use of this marketplace more profitable. 

Baby Halving tokens will allow you
  • Unlock discounted trading and lending fees based on your Tier with Baby Halving. Enjoy exclusive benefits and maximize your earnings while engaging with the platform.
  • Boost your yield with Baby Halving's staking feature. Earn a competitive APY calculated from the combined BSC APY and the APY of the Baby Halving token, ensuring optimal returns for your investment.
  • Earn cashback rewards in Baby Halving simply by utilizing our services. Enjoy the convenience of earning while engaging with our platform.
  • Secure the investments against shortfalls with the Baby Halving Insurance Program


Total tokens: 100,000,000
  • 17% Pre-Sale
  • 13% PinkSale
  • 20% Liquidity
  • 5.0% Airdrop &Rewards
  • 15% Staking Program
  • 2.0% Team &Advisors
  • 5.0% Marketing
  • 3.0% KOL
  • 18% Reserve
Allocation % Token Allocation
TGE Unlock Cliff Vesting
Pre-Sale 21.5% 215,000,000 25% 3 months linearly over 9 months
PinkSale 13% 13,000,000 100% - -
Liquidity 8.0% 80,000,000 100% - -
Airdrop &Rewards 5.0% 50,000,000 0% 3 months linearly over 9 months
Staking Program 10.0% 100,000,000 0% 6 months linearly over 12 months
Team &Advisors 18.0% 180,000,000 0% 6 months linearly over 24 months
Marketing 8.0% 80,000,000 0% 6 months linearly over 24 months
KOL 3.0% 30,000,000 0% 6 months linearly over 24 months
Reserve 24.5% 245,000,000 0% 12 months linearly over 24 months
Total 100% 100,000,000


What is Baby Halving?
Baby Halving is an earn marketplace where users can choose investment tools based on desired returns and risk levels. In BabyHalving 's roadmap, there are several income-generating methods: staking, farming, lending, and more. For further details, please refer to the documentation .
When will Baby Halving launch?
The Baby Halving earning marketplace is in active development, set for an initial release in Q2 of 2024. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram for updates, and join the waitlist on our website to be among the first to experience Baby Halving.
How do I buy a $BabyHalving token?
The $BabyHalving token will be accessible for purchase on babyhalving.com as soon as the Pre-Sale starts. You can buy tokens using crypto or a bank card. Follow us on Twitter or Telegram to catch exclusive opportunities for purchasing at the best price.

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